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Cycle Calculator 4.3 is a very useful menstrual cycle calculator
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Cycle Calculator 4.3 is a very useful menstrual cycle calculator, that will help women to control and be informed exactly about their menstrual cycles.
The woman who uses this program will always be informed when the ovulation process comes and how long this process takes.
This calculator uses information that the user enters, such as the last menstrual bleeding and the average number of days in menstrual cycle. With this information it will calculate which days provide more probability of getting pregnant and which do not, and will predict the next ovulation date.
It also will tell you the menstrual cycles for the next months so you can plan it in advance.
A very useful and clear calendar with a graphic will help you visualize better your past and future cycles.
You can visualize over 12 months in the same display and you can easily find any cycle deviation. This information can be edited and you can also comment it for further reviewing.
This calculator is user friendly and very practical, and will help any woman to have specific control over her cycle.

Guzman Gonzalez
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